Frequently Asked Questions


What material are the dice made of?

All dice are made of epoxy resin.



All floral and plant inclusions are picked and dried/prepared by myself. For each dice set I specify where exactly I got the inclusions from.


What is a RAW set?

A RAW set is an unfinished dice set. This means it needs to be sanded, polished and inked.

RAW sets are perfect for beginners that can’t or don’t want to cast resin at home.


Are the dice balanced?

Most of my dice are balanced enough for casual play and are as balanced as any factory-made dice.

Bear in mind that all my dice are handmade and that means that they are never going to be perfectly balanced, just as the vast majority of manufactured dice.  

All my dice are cast in a pressure pot to reduce bubbles and make them as balanced as possible.


Why does it take so long for a pre-order set to be finished?

The fastest a set can be finished is 2 weeks. 

Working with resin takes time. It needs 24h to 48h to take the dice out from the mold, after that it needs to wait a few more days until the resin completely hardens to start working on the dice.

Then they have to be sanded and polished. Finally, the numbers need to be inked and a final quality check done.

The time it takes to complete a set can increase depending on how many orders I’m working at any given time.


How to take care of your dice?

Avoid rolling your dice on hard surfaces like glass or stone.

Avoid leaving your dice under direct sunlight and heat as this will lead to discoloration.

Clean gently with a dry microfiber cloth, wetting your dice could rub off the paint from the numbers.


Where do you get your molds? Do you sell them?

I make my own silicone molds from my master dice.

No, I don’t sell molds at the moment.


Delivery details

All dice are wrapped in tissue paper inside a 100% reusable cotton bag and in a padded envelope.

For the gift box option, dice come inside a small cardboard box with Rebel Dice’s logo. You also get the 100% reusable cotton bag.


Shipping costs

All shipping is registered and you will get a tracking number.

Regular registered:

Ireland 8€

Rest of the world 12€


Gift box option

Ireland 8.20€

Rest of the world 15€

Processing time

Usual processing time is 2 to 4 working days.

For pre-orders it is 2 weeks minimum.

It is specified in each product if it is pre-order or ready to go.

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